Covid-19 Risk Assessment 2020:

This risk assessment aims to identify potential hazards and risks to both guests and hosts and identify actions to minimise risk.


Pre/Post Arrival



Guests, including vulnerable groups


As per current Government advice, please do not travel to us if you or anyone in your party is showing any of the common symptoms of Coronavirus.  We will happily re-arrange your stay for a future date at no penalty, or refund your deposit, should you need to cancel due to COVID-19. 

We will email you a registration form prior to your stay – please complete and return to us before you stay.

If a guest develops Covid-19 symptoms whilst staying, please speak to us immediately, ring NHS/visit and if well enough return to home address immediately

If a guest develops Covid-19 symptoms within 14 days of returning home, they must inform us.

If you fall into the vulnerable group category, please let us know before you arrive


If we need to cancel your booking because we have developed COVID-19 symptoms or have been told to self isolate, we will let you know asap.  We will offer to refund your deposit, or do our best to find another B&B locally for you to stay at if you prefer.





Surface contamination of door handles, light switches, stair handrails and high touch areas

Regular cleaning with anti bacterial spray, deep clean with disinfectant between each set of guests

Guest sign in

Collect all guest details prior to their arrival via an emailed registration form

Key handover

Cleaned key is to be left in bedroom door

Guest carrying contamination into the house

Hand sanitiser to be kept on hall table and guests actively encouraged to use when entering and leaving the house

Cross contamination between guests and owner

Maintain social distancing at all times, wash hands after interactions

If you don’t require luggage assistance, we will direct you to your room.  If you would like help with your luggage, we will follow you at a safe distance and place your bags outside your door. 





Residual contamination of room from previous guests

Rooms are left, where possible, for at least an hour, after the guests check out, are well ventilated and deep cleaned, using sanitiser and disinfectant that are officially recommended as effective against Coronavirus, paying extra attention to high-touch areas, including TV remote control, hospitality tray and hairdryer.  A new clear cover will be put over TV remotes after each guest.

Cross contamination from guest bedroom

We will not be doing a room tidy during stays of 5 nights or less.  We will leave a box outside the bedroom for rubbish, dirty towels, cups etc to be left in this box.  Tea tray replenishments are available on request. For stays of 5 nights or more, the bed linen will be changed partway through and the room cleaned.

Welcome folders and local information leaflets

A welcome letter on the bed will explain our room servicing policy and remind guests of the most important aspects of our COVID-19 Secure Policy.  There will also be a breakfast menu for the guest to complete each day. These letters are printed fresh for each guest.  All other key guest information is kept in a plastic wallet at the reception desk, which is cleaned daily. 

Hospitality Trays

All crockery is washed in dishwasher between guests. Any unused items from the tray will be quarantined for at least 72 hours before being used again by different guest.

Non-essential Items

Non-essential cushions, throws and magazines will be removed to make cleaning and sanitising easier.


All bed linen and towels will be laundered in house.


Dining/Sitting Room



Surface contamination of door handles and light switches

Regular cleaning with anti bacterial spray, after guests go out in the morning and last thing at night.  Deep clean between each set of guests, with extra attention given to high touch point areas.  Table cloths will be laundered daily.

Buffet table

Instead of a buffet table offering cereal, coffee, fresh fruit and yogurts, these items will be available for service at the table instead. Guests will need to pre-order the night before from the menu left in their bedroom. 

Social distancing

We have a lovely large breakfast room and all guests will be socially spaced at our 3 dining tables.  If necessary, we can stagger the breakfast time of guests.





Contact when payment made and handling cash

Encourage payment via card, with guests remotely providing details or via BACS.  Cash payment discouraged

Asking guests for feedback

Encourage guests to leave online reviews


Guests to leave these in the basket by the front door.  Keys to be disinfected before left in bedroom door for next guest


Cleaning Procedure between Guests



Contact when stripping beds, towels, bath mats

Wear a mask, gloves and apron.  Put all dirty washing directly into the washing machine.  If this is not possible, keep separate until placed into washing machine. Remove PPE and wash hands.

PPE (Personal protective equipment)

Mask, gloves and apron will be used to clean a room then disposed of and a new set used for the next room. 

Cleaning equipment

New cleaning clothes are used for each room.

Reduce contamination transfer between guests

Deep clean and ventilate rooms

Cleaning not thorough enough/consistent

Follow Cleaning Checklist


Assessed by: Andrea Jones on 22 July 2020